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Al Kawsar Trading For Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm Systems specialized experts have the honor to introduce our services and products in the following areas:

Supply, re-filling and maintenance of all types of fire extinguishers.
Al Kawsar provide and maintain all kinds of fire extinguishers, also equipped trucks are available all around Egypt for immediate maintenance.

Industrial  safety and security products and tools.
Ear Plugs - Hearing protection muffs - Disposable coveralls - Different kinds of masks - Industrial gloves - Safety eyewear - Safety welding helmets - Traffic safety - Safety shoes boots - Traffic safety - Masks - Hand held metal detectors - Fire blanket- Scouts lighting - forced entry prevention products - sprinkles

Chemical fire suppression systems.
Technical treat for flammable materials providing a certificate accredited by the Ministry of Industry , Standardization Authority and the Egyptian Department of Chemistry.

Automatic fire alarm and fire fighting equipments.

Alarm Systems include:

  • Fire prevention alarm systems.
  • Anti-theft alarm systems.
  • Gas detection alarm systems.

Fire Suppression Systems include:

  • Automated fire suppression system for kitchen hood using carbon dioxide and liquid chemical wet.
  • Industrial/Manufacturing fire suppression systems for computer and machines chambers and computer departments.
  • Automated fire suppression system for boilers and solar chambers using dry powder.
  • Fire suppression solutions using sprinkler systems.
  • Provide all mechanical systems, fire pumps.
  • Secure fire fighting water pipes.
  • Provide and maintain security - fencing gates.
  • Explosion and metal detection gates and devices.
  • Fixed, floating and handheld fire suppression devices.
  • Selling and maintaining generators for compounds and tourism villages.
  • Technical maintenance and review by engineers, consultants and specialists, providing authorized certificates for concerned authorities
  • Responsible for delivering complete - turnkey - projects to the concerned authorities.